Our Approach

Support charitable efforts within our communities

Foster a productive and socially minded workforce

Maintain an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion

Social Responsibility

Maintain guidelines for our own internal framework include elements of social responsibility

Pledge to consider environmental, public health, safety, and social issues with potential investments

Evaluate level of transparency across its portfolio and reviews underlying ESG policies in place at its underlying investments

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Commitment to diversity within Senior Executive/Management level as well as full staff

General partnership structure reflect this culture of competitive wages & benefits to all employees

Diversity of thought welcomed & fostering of a unique skill set across the organization

Firm culture built on collaboration, integrity & creativity

We’re a minority and women-owned business enterprise based in New York

Social Impact

Turning Rock contributes a portion of its profits each year to a wide variety of philanthropies as it believes firmly that giving back is part of our role in society. As part of its initiative to contribute a portion of its firm profits to causes which promote positive impact-driven missions, Turning Rock has participated in several terrific initiatives and also volunteers on a frequent basis.